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Dear Hon, You made me fall in love with improv. When I signed up for classes, I was just looking for any acting experience I could find but I found a lifelong interest and met some loveliest people in Bratislava. The atmosphere of all your classes is brilliant and I enjoy every moment of being there. I just want to thank you for doing something this amazing and for changing many people's lives for the better.

Emily Lightwood,

Thank you Hon! With your classes, I feel more calm, confident in daily life and control myself. Improv classes are amazing.

Hakan Bayrak,

Hon was great. Everything I would expect from an improv instructor.  I hope I will get the chance to see him perform as well sometime in the future if the chance should appear. Thank you, Hon!

Sorin Tanasa,

Everything was great, it was nicely divided into parts and one led to another so we gradually learnt more and more things.  Hon was great and welcoming. I couldn't imagine a better teacher. Please let me know if there will be a part two, I would love to continue with this.

Roman Komurka,