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Your 2% tax donation goes a long way toward helping us survive these turbulent times.

As a non-profit, independent theater, Funnylicious is entirely self-funded. We do not receive financial support from the state or city organizations. We must, therefore, find ways to raise funds to keep the theater going. Your 2% tax donation will provide us with a critical lifeline to withstand the current difficulties impacting the performing arts communities.

Did you know?

If you pay your taxes in Slovakia, you can allocate 2% of your annual income tax to a non-profit registered in Slovakia - with no extra cost to you!

Tell me more about the 2% tax donation

The Slovak income tax law allows individuals and companies that pay taxes in Slovakia to donate 2% of their income tax to a charity or non-profit registered in Slovakia. It's an initiative of the Slovak government to encourage individuals and companies to support local NGOs. If you choose not to give your 2% annual income tax to an NGO, it will automatically go to the state budget.

Why should I donate my 2% income tax to Funnylicious?

We're glad you asked. Here are just a few good reasons:

1. We're the only multicultural, immigrant-led improv theater in Slovakia. Our contribution to the local performing arts scene is enormous.

2. As the largest and only improv community in Slovakia, we provide improv training, shows, and access to the local communities interested in doing improv.

3. Our shows and classes have brought together people from all backgrounds and cultures. Thanks to the transformative qualities of improv, many friendships and memories have been made.

4. Improv is great fun but most importantly, participants learn many life skills such as creativity, collaboration, active listening and, overcoming fears and uncertainties.

5. We're not supported by any state or city organizations. Theatre making is costly. Lack of funding will kill your local independent theaters. Don't let that happen. You have the power to support your local performing arts scene, and it's effortless how you can help.

6. As part of the International Society for Arts and Culture, o.z. family, when you support Funnylicious you are also supporting innovative projects such as Story Nights - Bratislava True Stories.

How to donate my 2% income tax

Funnylicious Improv Theater is part of the International Society for Arts and Culture, o.z. family, and is registered in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is easy to nominate Funnylicious as your 2% income tax beneficiary.


If you work full-time in a company and you don't submit your own income tax, you must ask your employer for a certificate confirming that your tax has been correctly deducted. Then, you must fill in an instruction form nominating International Society for Arts and Culture, o.z. as the beneficiary of 2% of your income tax donation and submit it together with the certificate.

You can download the form with our pre-filled information here.

Your HR or accountant at the company where you work will certainly be happy to help prepare all the necessary documents for you. Don't hesitate to contact your HR for help. The deadline for submitting both forms ("Evidence of Income Tax Payment" + "Nomination form/ Vyhlásenie") is 15.2.2023.

Self-employed and companies

If you submit your own income tax, you just have to nominate International Society for Arts and Culture, o.z. on your tax return form. No additional forms are required. Self-employed people and companies must file their tax returns by 31.3.2023. Don't hesitate to ask your accountant for help. You just need to send the info below to your accountant.

Important information

The following information is required. Share this info with your HR, accountant, or the person filing your tax returns.

IČO: 50998471

Právna forma: občianske združenie

Názov organizácie: International Society for Arts and Culture, o.z.

Sídlo organizácie: Landererova 8, 811 06 Bratislava.

IBAN: SK79 8330 0000 0024 0195 2538

Need help? Questions?

Get in touch with us. Email: info (at) funnylicious (dot) eu or phone: +421 918 895 948. You can also reach us via our contact form.

Thank you for your continued support!

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