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About Funnylicious

We are Funnylicious, Slovakia’s first and only English language improv comedy troupe and improv training center. We are dedicated to providing high quality entertainment and improv training to everyone!

Established in 2014, Funnylicious has grown into Slovakia's biggest improv community with regular main stage shows, workshops, public classes, weekly drop-in session, and professional training for companies.

We believe in the transformative power of improvisation that can unlock our natural creativity and help us become a better version of ourselves. Most importantly, improv brings so much joy and laughter to everyone involves.

Our shows are interactive, spontaneous, unscripted and bring people from all walks of life together. Our public workshops and classes have continued to inspire and change lives for the better.

About the People Behind Funnylicious

Hon Chong

Founder, Artistic Director, Cast Member and Head Instructor

Hon Chong is an instructor, improviser, performing artist and accomplished educator. Hon has been in training, education and development for over 12 years and has worked in the USA, Slovakia, The Czech Republic and Malaysia. He also has direct industry experience in film and TV productions, entertainment, corporate events/ workshops and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

His love for acting and theater started early. He remembers as a child he would do solo improvisation of made up scenes and characters to entertain himself. Hon has utilized his skills, along with extensive acting and improv training to coach and train a wide spectrum of clients and companies in a variety of contexts. As the current Head Coordinator of Drama Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Slovak Chamber of English Teachers, Hon regularly facilitates drama workshops for teachers of all skill levels. He is also the Founder and Director of Imagine Center for Learning, a learning center for all ages based in Bratislava which offers creative courses and workshops in public speaking, Speech & Drama, team building and communication skills.


Gabriela Rajniakova

Cast Member and Instructor

Gabi has been doing pantomime and physical improvisation since her teenage years. Pantomime and physical theatre have changed her life in the most positive ways. In order to let other people experience the great transformative power of perception, expression and having fun, she studied Creative Art Therapies. With the focus on theatre therapy and movement therapy, which both include improvisation, she works with kids and teaches people of all ages. Since 2009, she has worked as a professional hospital clown for the Red Noses Clowndoctors in Slovakia. Her work as a clown doctor has offered her a whole new approach to doing improv through the very unique art of being a clown. She has combined all of these skills and art forms to create a wide spectrum of tools, which she applies and uses as a cast member of Funnylicious Improv Theater.


Silvia Augustinova

Cast Member and Instructor

Silvia has always been very close to art, especially acting and writing. In improv, she likes that everything that is performed on stage is created right then and there and the audience is a big part of the show. She believes doing improv makes you more positive, because the basic rule is to say yes to whatever that is suggested. She believes that improv skills are not only important on stage, but also in real life.

Besides Funnylicious, she is currently involved in travel and education. She shows foreign tourists the beauties of Slovakia and she helps Slovak tourists experience foreign countries. Silvia herself is a world traveler, having been almost everywhere in Europe and visited Asia and USA. She helps run the educational project Naučmesa.sk, where she utilizes her marketing background as well, and soon she will offer also her own workshops.


Branislav Brúder

Cast Member

Branislav first found out about Funnylicious via a Couchsurfing event. But it was only a few months after watching their live performance that he first had the opportunity to take part in a workshop taught by Hon.

Branislav has always been fascinated by improv theater and saw Funnylicious as a great way to his hands on improvisation.
He likes to keep himself busy organizing couchsurfing meetings and by doing a thousand other different things. Yet he still somehow manages to find time for improv. Some of his friends nicknamed him Mr. Bratislava or The event guru.


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