Improv for special occasions


Calling all educators and teachers! Funnylicious Theater offers dynamic improv experiences tailored for schools, perfect for special events like English Week, Creative Week, or any themed educational initiative.

We specialize in collaborating with schools to bring improv into the classroom, promoting creativity, collaboration, and communication skills among students. Whether it’s through interactive workshops or captivating performances, we enrich educational programs with engaging and memorable experiences.

But our reach extends beyond schools. We also partner with non-profit and charitable organizations to enhance their programs and outreach efforts. With a track record of successful collaborations with NGOs both in Slovakia and abroad – including Mareena, Fjuzn Festival, Human Rights League, and more – we bring the transformative power of improv and theater to diverse communities.

Let Funnylicious Improv Theater be your partner in fostering creativity, connection, and learning in schools and beyond!

For your school

We bring our innovative, interactive, educational, and highly entertaining shows to your students. We engage students of all ages and levels with equal parts laughter, role-play, participation, and creativity through our spontaneous scenes and short-form improv games. We support your school by offering your students an unusual, positive, and motivating learning experience. You tell us what topics you want us to cover, be it English vocabulary or grammar, history, science, geography, culture, anti-bullying, friendship day, etc., and we expertly incorporate your school-specific content into the show!

For your organizations

Whether you’re a large corporation, a small non-profit, or anything in between, Funnylicious Theater is here to elevate your organization’s experience!

We offer tailored training sessions for leaders, volunteers, and clients across all sectors. Our dynamic workshops empower participants with essential communication, teamwork, and creativity skills, making them invaluable assets to your organization’s mission and goals.

Looking to add some laughter to your non-profit event or team-building activity? Our fully customized and improvised comedy shows are the perfect solution! With fast-paced scenes and interactive games based on your team’s suggestions, our performances guarantee an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Invite your entire organization – teams, co-workers, clients, volunteers, and more – to join in the fun! Whether it’s a conference, meeting, or any other occasion, our comedy shows are sure to inject excitement and energy into your event.

Let Funnylicious Improv Theater be your partner in creating memorable and impactful experiences for your organization, no matter the size or focus!

For your parties

We can bring our high energy, unscripted, one-of-a-kind entertainment to your wedding/ party/ kids’ birthdays, etc. We specialize in audience involvement, participation, and keeping your (and your guests) spirits high. No two shows are ever the same because they are completely improvised.

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