Improv for Business

Energizers / Ice-breakers

Are you planning a conference, seminar, or workshop? Do you need some lively activities or games to get people on their feet interacting with each other? Or maybe you need to cheer everyone up after a very heavy and difficult session? We can help inject a big dose of fun and energy into the room! We can adapt to your event and schedule – even if you only want a short 30min energizer to wake people up after lunch. Our job is to make you look good!

Team Building Days

Improv is the ultimate team-building tool. Spend a day or a weekend with your team to learn new ways to communicate, build trust, and work together collaboratively. It’s a great way to let loose and get to know your team in a new way. Other activities can be arranged such as biking, hiking, yoga, day trips, BBQ, improv show, etc. We guarantee your office will still be talking about it for weeks after the event!

Applied Improv Workshop

Specialized workshops based on any of the topics: teamwork and trust-building, communication skills, creativity training, presentation skills, dealing with fear, uncertainty, and changes, positive and supportive work environment, and leadership training.

Corporate Improv Show

A 60 or 90-minute improvised comedy show from the Funnylicious team, with games, themes, and jokes geared towards your company. We’ll involve your team in the show for an unforgettable evening of improv fun.

Improv training fosters quick thinking, adaptability, and effective communication – essential skills for navigating the fast-paced, ever-changing landscape of business.

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